Be an Authentic Decision Maker: Lead with Purpose, Not for Approval!

Empowered Leadership Mastery (ELM) Membership™

Created for compassionate entrepreneurs who are ready to overcome the disease to please, lead as a respected and confident company owner, and treat themselves as their greatest business asset

… so you can improve your influence, relationships, and revenue


"Michèle is a true gift to work with"

“Her caring and compassion was felt immediately, which established a safe container. The process felt very organic, and at the same time had easeful structure, so I stayed on track and was able to see my progress and reach my goal. Deep gratitude. Xo”

Nadine Moffatt
Intuitive Coach + Energy Healer | RYT
Becoming Still

You don’t have to be a people-pleaser to be a pleasure to do business with!

You don’t want to be an a-hole either. But when you routinely put everyone’s needs ahead of your own, you don’t stand to gain much. In fact, it’s costing you a hefty price in terms of your physical and mental health, your professional and personal relationships, and your company’s bottom line.

You can take me at my word because I’m a recovering people pleaser.


Hi, I’m Michèle, a communications professional with 20+ years of corporate and 12+ years of entrepreneurial experience. I'm also a Certified Coach Practitioner, facilitator, writer, copyeditor, speaker, and change agent. My mission is to help soft-spoken entrepreneurs find their voices and set boundaries for their well-being and success.

Growing up in a Canadian immigrant family, I learned to prioritize others' needs and be selfless. However, I realized that this mindset was causing me anxiety and blocking my personal and professional growth. Through my own journey, I've learned to strike a healthy balance and now enjoy mutually rewarding relationships.

As a recovering people-pleaser, I don't advocate for self-centeredness either though. I’ve been honoured to serve many repeat clients with whom there is shared trust and respect. I can share my insights from running two businesses with you.

When you find your voice, you foster genuine connection with others and, most importantly, with yourself.

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • You feel obligated to excessively give in to your clients, team, and business partner for the sake of peace
  • You would do anything to avoid confrontation within your company
  • You have little to no capacity to focus on your zone of genius in your business because you spend too much time rescuing others who aren’t performing at their best
  • You are leaving money on the table by discounting fees, not raising fees, and giving away your time for free
  • You find yourself working more in your business rather than on it
  • You have tenuous relationships in your business, personal life, and even with yourself
  • You have difficulty delivering bad news and finding the right words in difficult situations
  • You feel like a pushover in business negotiations
  • You want to attract your ideal clients and associates into your business and filter out the rest
  • You want to make and save more money in your company by leading with your head, not your heart
  • You want to break free from constantly being the giver in every relationship and transaction, without losing your compassionate side altogether

Killing them with kindness isn’t making your business more revenue! And here’s why…

You thought having the reputation of being a consistently likeable leader could only boost your profits, increase client satisfaction, improve team productivity, and keep your company running like a well-oiled machine.


On the surface it seems logical. But, in fact, it serves nobody … especially YOU! You’re teaching everyone to be overly dependent on you, and they’ll quickly learn to accept that as the norm. You’re starting to realize it comes at a huge expense that is unsustainable, kills the joy of entrepreneurship, and devalues you. It’s called burnout, and you’re feeling the effects of it, aren’t you? I figure that’s why you’re here. How much longer are you willing to keep running at this deficit? You can turn things around now. But like a coffee stain on a white tablecloth, the longer you ignore it and let it really set in, the harder it is to remove. Isn’t it time to change how you operate and how you teach people to treat you? It’s in your hands.

Here's what past clients are saying:

Here's what past clients are saying:


“Listening to Michele speak has helped me find my voice. Her calm and thoughtful approach is so encouraging."


"I was working so hard in my business, I couldn’t see how to continue growing it without burning out. Then I received executive coaching from Michèle."


"Michele is an absolute pleasure to talk with and was instrumental in my jump into action to take charge of guiding my business towards a more successful and sustainable version of itself."

"She has a way with words that is so impressive! She has provided me with many strategies which I can implement during uncomfortable conversations. These strategies allow me to use my voice and stand up for myself without coming across as defensive or combative. I have learned to use my words carefully, effectively and in a calm manner. Thanks to Michele, I will always have these tools on hand to help me work through a variety of situations, whether it's in a personal or professional setting! Merci Michele!”

Kathy Fernández,

"She was a pleasure to work with, and the sessions felt both safe and challenging. Within our first session Michèle helped me clarify my vision as the leader of my company and guided me in strategizing to achieve it. She helped me notice the areas I was getting in my own way. More importantly, she encouraged me to take bold action to achieve the success I want. Now I feel more empowered in the CEO role I desired. And, for the first time in a long time, I genuinely feel excited about my business and the future. If you are looking for an amazing business coach to build a relationship with and to help you see your full potential, I would highly recommend working with Michèle.”

Caitlin Wright, Physiotherapist
Owner, Physiotherapy at Home

“She was gentle but firm and straightforward in helping me to develop and act on a plan to bring the help I needed into my small company. She spoke to me in a way that made me believe not only that I deserve to go after what I want in an employee, but that I am confident and capable enough to find that perfect employee. Her expert guidance in asking just the right questions came with the huge plusses of professionalism, responsibility and follow-through. When working with coaches and consultants, I worry my voice, thoughts and needs about what I perceive to be unique in my business won’t be heard, heeded or understood, but Michele was an excellent listener, was quick to change course in her guidance if need be, and always considered my needs and situations first and foremost. I highly recommend working with Michele if you are looking to evolve your small business.”

Heather Davidson-Meyn
Owner and Portrait Artist,
Fun Love Photography

Don’t you deserve to run your business on your terms and watch how it will level up your wealth, physical and mental health, and personal relationships?

Introducing the Authentic Leader Framework™ the number one process that can turn the most soft-spoken, big-hearted, altruistic entrepreneur or business owner into a leader who will run their business on their terms without being swayed by outside influences or the inner critic, while gaining self-respect and earning the respect of their associates and clients.

Here’s What You’ll Experience Inside ELM

Pillar One

The essential mindset shift that is needed to break free from people-pleasing once and for all so you can be an empowered leader

When you discover your why, you can then change your circumstances. Until then, you are bound to find yourself stuck in the same frustrating situations

Pillar Two

Exploration and mastery of the tools at your disposal to help you build authenticity in and around yourself, including your company’s culture and team

Being a leader isn’t a title. It’s a practice, a philosophy, an inside-out job. We dive deep here into the personal side of business

Pillar Three

Access to a fellowship or society of like-minded and intelligent entrepreneurs so you can discuss common situations, results, and experience breakthroughs together

It can be lonely at the top. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for community, connection, and some light-heartedness while you learn to step into your authentic power as a leader

To summarize, here’s what you get when you sign up to the ELM Membership™


  • Anytime access to a community of other empathic and knowledgeable business owners so you never feel alone and stay stuck.
  • Access to a Resource Portal containing sample scripts or swipe-worthy emails for navigating tough conversations, setting boundaries, or saying “no” respectfully so you don’t have to agonize for hours over what to say.
  • Weekly Tuesday “Rally” calls (1 hour on Zoom) so you can gain motivation and inspiration for the week from members and we can hold each other accountable.
  • Weekly Thursday Live Q&A “Sounding Board of Leaders” mastermind calls (1 hour on Zoom) so you can ask for feedback from your fellow members and keep you moving forward.


  • Guest experts speaking on leadership topics for entrepreneurs operating a business, eg. allyship, client relations, human resources, mindset, contracts, branding, scaling, charitable giving, work/life balance, productivity, and more.

You’ll receive over $1,800 in training, support, and digital assets EACH AND EVERY MONTH for a low monthly investment of:

Founding Member Investment - LOCK IN AT: CAD$147/month + applicable tax


You are receiving CAD$100 SAVINGS from the regular rate as this is the Founding Members launch. I’m so excited to get this membership and community growing and get as much feedback as possible to build and continuously evolve the resource portal even more so it stays relevant and valuable as the months go on.


Coming November 2023! Join the waitlist now so you’ll be notified when you can sign up for the founding member investment of the ELM Membership™.

How much longer can you afford to wait to plug the time, energy, and money leaks in your business? Protect your sanity, relationships, and financial gains NOW, before they’re drained and you’re tapped out.

Keep in mind, how you show up as a leader is a direct reflection of the success of your business, and your personal life.


Remember, the Founding Members promotional rate of CAD$147 monthly is only available during the initial Founding Members launch phase. Afterwards, the regular investment of CAD$247 monthly will apply. Applicable taxes excluded.

What results would you like to get?


"I have had the pleasure of working with Michele for three sessions. She has helped me gain clarity on issues that have been affecting me with my business and in turn, my personal life."

“I started with one topic in mind and, through our coaching sessions was able to pinpoint some other items I wanted to focus on. I have made tremendous progress in taking action steps and feel like some of the weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Nancy Cerelli, Owner, Real Estate Law Clerk,
Elite Legal Support Services Inc.

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